• Open Fires & Log Burners Swept for £40, using traditional rods & brushes and includes free of charge smoke draw test after sweeping.


  • The area around the fire place is sheeted to minimise any soot escaping.


  • A free of charge, Chimney Clean Heat Log, is included in the price, to burn after the flue has been swept. This neutralises any tar residues in the flue, that brushing cannot remove and maintains the integrity of the chimney flue whether it is standard bricks & mortar or a steel liner.


£5 Discounts Available For:
  • Yearly Repeat Customers.
  • Additional flues swept at same property.
  • Neighbours in the same or adjacent street.



  • A Chimney Sweeping Certificate can be provided for an  additional £5, if required.


  • Heavily sooted chimney flues are charged an additional £10, because of the sheer volume of soot that has to be removed. Fortunately this is a rare occurrence.


  • Birds Nests can be removed. Occassionally, this is relatively straight forward process. However, they are usually difficult and time consuming to remove, not to mention the volume of debris. Because of this the 1st hour is charged at £40,  and then an additional £20 for the 2nd hour.


  • CCTV Flue Inspections are available if requested.

  • Cowls & Bird Guards fitted by arrangement.


Additional service:

  • Hire me out for your wedding!
  • It's considered lucky, for a bride to see a chimney sweep, on her wedding day!
  • Only £40…